Darkside Manor
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The front porch was removed and the bottom of the house extended to make room for a more elegant entryway and a basement.
To make more room for the dining room table, I replaced the French doors with a window - I did a lousy job of installing the doors in the first place and they never did look right.  Got rid of that mistake! 

I thought a gothic house should have a stone tower.  I made the "stones" from pieces of an egg carton which I glued to the tower after painting it a dark gray.  I painted the stones a dark gray also and then dry-brushed on various shades of gray and a little black to add depth and texture.
Finished stones - not too bad for some recycled paper and a little paint!
I covered the brick chimney with stones to match.
I added gothic trim to the gables and around the second story windows.
I dripped some gray paint on the shingles while painting the tower stones.  I liked the way it looked so painted all of the shingles with a gray wash.
To further age the house, I painted it with a wash of raw umber.
Self portrait of me in my dust mask and face shield.
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