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                          Darkside Manor
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It took two tries to make the front steps - the risers were too high in the first set - equal to over a foot each!  
It took me several tries to get the front door looking right.  The griffins were originally painted in a verdigris finish.  I repainted them to look more like stone and made the eyes red.
Gargoyles are hard to find!  I finally found this one in the fantasy games section of a hobby store.  It was pewter so I painted it copper followed by a black wash.  I painted its eyes red.
I squared off some of the windows and used plastic sheeting for the panes and drew in the grids with a felt pen.  Normally, I take great care not to scratch or dirty the plastic but these looked too clean so I rubbed ashes over both sides to make them look dusty and neglected.
The tower is finished. 
Are you feeling an urge to build something but have absolutely no room left to squeeze in another house? Just "bash" something you already have!

On to the inside - will redo the electric wiring first.  Oh, joy!

The outside is done for now.  I plan on adding basement windows and window wells as well as light on either side of the front door.
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