Ice Cream Shoppe
The "ice cream" on the top has fooled many .  Since I didn't have a computer at the time the menu is old-fashioned cut and paste from a Baskin-Robbin's menu.  The ice cream cartons are made from manilla folder paper and the large carton uses embroidery hoops again.
The Plant Shop
This started out as a green plastic watering can.  The shelf supports are cut from safety pins and held with ear ring backs.  Most of the plants were made from patterns found in the book "Miniature House Plants" by Ruth Hanke.  Her directions call for florist tape but I use leaves from silk plants instead - saves a lot of work!

Samantha's Bakery Shoppe
This was lots of fun.  The scene is in a cake box of course.  The goodies are made from wood, fimo, buttons, and knobs among other things.  The display cases are plastic containers.
The  floor is foam core embossed to look like a tile.
The Saint Bernards
This was made from a redwood planter that I "bashed".  The plant is artificial because my cat kept eating the real one!
Garage in a Toolbox
This is a "pre-digital camera" picture so the detail is not very good.  I made the roll away tool box, engine stand, floor jack, and just about everything else except for the tools on the peg board.  The model car was the hardest.  I made this for my son who is an auto smog technician. My other son who is also a smog technician has a Harley in his.