The Candy Shoppe

Mini candy in a giant Kiss.  The Kiss was given to me by the staff at my Dr.'s office - after they had eaten all the candy, of course!.  The jars on the back shelf are tiny bottles turned upside down with the tops "buried" in the foam core table and a bead added to the "lids"..I made the  candy which is all low-cal (and unedible).
Breadbox Kitchen
The breadbox was a three dollar Salvation Army find.  The cup on the high chair says "Samantha" and the scene out the window is a picture of my brother's backyard in Missouri.
Drums in a Drum
This is probably the most challenging project  I have done so far.  It  was made at the request of my nephew who is a drummer.   Everything  was made by scratch through a lot of trial and error.  The round frame of the large drum is an embroidery hoop.
Picnic in a Basket
Too bad this is another "pre-digital".  I made the barbeque from a ping pong ball, there is a delicious lunch on the table and in the back left corner is a fish pond.