This is the attic hide-a-way and my favorite part of the house.  It comes complete with a pool table and a tower room - located behind the pool table.  The hanging lamp above the pool table is made from a suction cup. 
I scratch-built the beds.  The covers were made from a  pair of pajamas my son out grew.  The lamp globe is from a Christmas light.
This furniture was also made from kits.  I made the bedspread, pillows and matching curtains. The doll is from a very dear friend Ann  who always thought of me when she found something mini.  I miss her very much.
The Boys' Attic
The Nursery
The furniture was made from kits.  I crocheted the rug and made the curtains and also the crib quilt which is not visible.
The Master Bathroom
This furniture was purchased.  I made the curtains with lace taken from an old pillowcase.  The lamps are more Christmas lights.  My favorite is the yellow duck on the bath tub.
The kitchen furniture was again made from a kit except for the little round table.  I made the tablecloth and matching curtains.  The hanging lamp is another suction cup.
Dining Room
I remember how much trouble I had trying to get the doors installed!  There is still a huge gap around them so I just keep them open so they look a bit better.  The table and chairs were a gift but I made the hutch and also the curtains and hanging lamp.  The room is a bit bare as I "borrowed" the food and dishes for another scene and haven't gotten around to replacing them
The Stairs
These were also a big chore for the "newbie" that I was at the time.  Lots of frustration but not too bad in the end.
The Parlor
Most of this furniture were gifts.  I did make the fireplace (my first brick job) as well as the curtains.  The doll was another find from the same dear friend.
To make it easier on the boys - and to help keep the Master Bath cleaner - I added a second bath.
Master Bedroom
"The Sunshine House"
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