Mini of the Month.

Valentine Bears

I  found the bears at Target,  the heart at Michael's, and the bench was "in stock".  The rest was easy!

Welcome to the Year 2000!

This one is hard to photograph because the paper used both in and out is shiny.  The streamers on top of the box say 2000.  I made all of the furniture and decorations as well as the top hat for the bear.

Valentine's Day

This is actually the first box that I made and is the prototype for those that follow.  I made the table and chairs and also the drapes and plant. 
Valentine Gift Bag

I wanted to try my hand at making a gift bag scene and this is the first.  The design is based on tips read here and there.  The wall hanging and drapery tie-backs are fancy buttons.  The vase is a bead.
Saint Patty's Day

This one was a lot of fun to make.  I made the table, chairs and bar with my new mini power tools.  The wall panelling is actually foam core.  The bar stools are  made from bent electrical wire.  I also made the green punch and beer.

Easter Bunny Family

The ceramic house was purchased at Michael's as were most of the bunnies.  The tiny yellow spots are fuzzy chicks.  (A gift from my niece.)  The landscapping supplies are from the Lady Bug.
Mother's Day

The two handsome guys are my sons Mike and Rob and the two little ones are my granddaughter Samantha and her little sister Tabitha.  I made the table.  The chairs are actually made from ceramic but it's hard to tell.  They were a good find - I bought six!
Father's Day

The chair was purchased but the foot stool was made from a jewlery ring case and some beads.  The table is a circle of plastic on a film container. 
I didn't get the idea for a monthly box until late February and was upset at not having any 2000 items.  I found these at a store in Paradise, Ca. while visiting my son.  And at 75% off!
The "bentwood" chairs are  made from electrical wire per a tip in the Work Shop Wisdom section of Dollhouse Miniatures magazine.
I also made the lamp. The TV and stereo system are courtesy of Jim's printables although instead of cutting and folding, I glued the fronts to blocks of wood painted black.
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