I made this room box to welcome my new nephew Jack.  My niece, Deanna (Jack's cousin), thought of the idea of using a big block as the box.  I'd remembered seeing one at Michaels.  I had to rebuild it so the sides with the letters were in the correct position.  The carpet was my first attempt at printing on fabric using my computer and printer.  I made up the design using my Create-A-Card program.  Unfortunately, I forgot to spray it with fixative so dropping glue on it here and there caused the ink to run.  No problem, I just put a toy over the bad spots.  I used printies from the bettieboop site (see links page).  This was my first attempt at adding a view out the window.  I added a night light behind the window.  I had a lot of fun making this gift.

As an aside:  when I started this room box, it was not known the baby was going to be a boy.  I got the news the night I finished the box - in tones of green - and had to make a mad scramble to redecorate it before my niece's baby shower!
Jack - 2003
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