Twin Girl's Bedroom
This is part of the new wing.  I
thought the house should have
room for children.
I still need to decorate the dining room.
The walls are bare!  The hanging lamp is made from a ping pong ball and a bell and actually lights up. I really splurged on the ceramic Christmas dishes and the ham platter but the wine glasses are made from push pins.  I having matching serving dishes to use whenever I get around to making more food.
This was the dining room before I added the new wing.  I thought the tree      would look better in front of the bay window.  The ceramic tree on mantlle and the tree-shaped candy dish are like the full size ones I have that were  gifts from my Mom.
Master Bedroom
The furniture is from a kit.  I made the lamps.
I've added lights to the railing since this picture was taken.  The porch light was bashed from the larger lights along the walkway.  It looks broken for some reason but is just fine.
The snow babies were a gift from my Aunt Mary in Jamestown, NY.  The trees are fiber optic and look beautiful when lit.
The kitchen cabinets were a kit that I bashed into an "L" shape.   I also added the hanging cabinet to better separate the kitchen from the dining room.  I had to cut away at the stairs a little to fit in the fridge.  The dining room is part of the addition.
Bathroom - The ceiling light is made from the top of a deodorant bottle and the curtain is a piece of lace.  The bottles on the shelf are examples of things that can be made from beads.

Dining Room.
I'm in the process of redecorating all of the rooms in Christmas color.  I've already made some new lamp shades for the bedroom and bought some red velveteen - actually a dress found at the Goodwill for $3.
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